Lash Care – Lash Savage

Lash Care

Be sure to handle your lashes with care, each lash is soft and delicate and could tear.

Delicately remove your lashes for their packaging using a pair of clean tweezers from the outer edge of the lash. Be extra careful not to tear or damage the lash band while doing this.

After each wear place your lashes back into their original tray and pink reusable bag, keeping them away from any dirt as they go onto your eyes and need to remain clean.

To help keep your lashes fluffy we recommend giving them an occasional brush with the lash wand provided.

Cleaning your lashes

When it comes to cleaning your lashes delicately remove the lash glue from the band using a pair of clean tweezers remember not to pull to hard as this will damage your lashes and they won’t last you as long as they should.

Use a tiny amount of an oil free foaming cleanser or a little soap and water to gently clean each lash by brushing them downwards in the natural direction of the lash with a clean lash wand. Never rub your lashes in a back and forth motion as this will cause damage to your lashes. 

Allow your lashes to dry and brush again prior to application to fluff them back out.